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Onsite Shop

The on site shop has many items for sale. Have a look at the following list.

Most items are of limited stock, so purchase early to avoid disappointment.

Contact a committee member for details of shop opening times or use the contact us form.

Product Price per unit

Compost Jacks Magic 60l                      £4.20

W/Land Grow Bags                                  £2.00

Fish Blood & Bone 25kg                       £12.00

Fish Blood & Bone 10lb                          £3.00

Lime 20KG Bags                                      £8.00

Lime 10lb Bag                                          £3.00

Sulphate of ammonia 5kg                       £6.00

Sulphate of Potash 5kg                           £9.00

Growmore 25 kg                                    £17.00   

Growmore 10lb                                         £4.00

Bone meal 10lb Bags                               £3.00

Bone meal 20kg Bags                              £8.00


Twine 250m                                             £2.00

Vermiculite Box                                       £1.00

12 cm Plant Labels 50’s                        £1.00

4x6 Ground Cover Staples 10’s            £2.00

Canes 8ft    in "10"                                 £4.00

Canes 3ft x20                                          £1.20

Canes 4ft x20                                          £2.00

Split Canes 18in X10                               £0.40

Black Netting 2 metres wide  per m      £1.00

Barrels                                                       £8.00

Taps                                                           £2.00

Drainage Pipe per metre                         £1.10

Under review for 2019