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Bees, honey and education

An idea from a Layton Permanent Allotments plotholder should result in benefits to the community, the Allotment Association, plotholders and the environment.

Mica, a plotholder at Layton Allotments and beekeeper, proposed the siting of bee hives on the Allotment, within the conservation area.

Learn for yourself how important bees are to us all.

Visit The British Beekeepers Association by clicking here

Following the successful submission of a grant application  by Isabel & Mica, to the Association’s insurers, Shield Total Insurance, the Allotment were awarded £250.

With this award, the Association purchased two hives. The trouble was - they needed putting together!

With the assistance of other plotholders, a workshop was held to build and at the same time learn how hives are constructed and how  bees live as a community within them producing honey.

The next phase of the project will be the introduction of bees.

With the purchase of beekeeping suits for children and adults, local school children and plotholders will be given the opportunity to learn about bees and maybe, become beekeepers.

Do visit us again to see how this project is progressing and involving the wider community.

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