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What’s going on at the allotment?

2012 was a rather damp year. As a result of the sites location and the underlying soil being clay, many plots have lost crops or have been unable to grow flowers and vegetables due to flooding.

Have a look at the pictures and learn how we hope to have improved the conditions thanks to a successful lottery grant.

Drainage work

There is always something going on on-site.

Have a look at the work that has been going in 2012/13. Click the ‘read more’ links to learn more and view the pictures.

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Overgrown Trees

The three Poplar trees have become too large and have become a danger. As Blackpool Council are unable to take corrective action for a number of months, the Allotment Association approached Parklands Area Forum in November 2012 to fund the removal

of the three trees.


Site Fencing

In order to protect the allotments and the properties surrounding the site, the Allotment Association, in co-operation with Blackpool Council, have provided secure fencing around the majority of the site. Other parts of the site have fencing provided in conjunction with neighbours.There are other parts of the site where the fencing is in a poor state of repair and others, where border trees, hedges or bushes have been removed or died away, that the fencing must be replaced.

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Water Butts for each plot
The Association committee took the decision to provide each plot on the site a water butt. By providing these, the allotment would cut their water bills, assist in reducing the water flooding the site

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After a great deal of hard work, the old air raid shelter onsite, was converted to a much needed store and tearoom. Somewhere to shelter and meet with other allotment holders. In 2012 the tearoom was renamed after longstanding allotment holder Gilbert Brightman.

Brightman Tearooms

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Wilkinson’s Raffle

Thank you to all plotholders who very kindly donated veg. for the raffle in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support that Wilkinson's are fund raising for. As you can see from the attached picture, we were able to give an amazing variety and quantity. Your generosity and support was very much appreciated by

the management at Wilkinson's.

The Blackpool Wilkinson store were raising funds in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Plotholders at  the allotment donated  fruit, veg and produce towards a raffle prize. Thanks to plotholders and   Macmillan Cancer Support.